Riona Season 1 Episode 125 Recap


Riona Season 1 Episode 125 Recap

Riona Season 1 Episode 125 Full Recap

Tsema severed the connection between her and A-Gump, it was her fault. She only told him that she was going to marry someone else, and he continued to do so.

Aghan can’t see what he’s done wrong, he will see her at the film festival tomorrow.

Tsema was bothered by what these royals were doing and they believed they could do whatever they wanted. Right now, Tsebi is in the middle position and she shouldn’t take the prince’s kindness for granted.

Tsema is angry that the prince cannot control himself. Aghan has to warn Tsebi why she did what she did, which scared her.

Jafo and Chief Yser return to the king to inform him of Erial’s rudeness. They became so brave that they refused the king’s invitation.

Jafo thinks it’s because of the freedom Afghan gave them, and Itse thinks Towu killed the girl, which is why they have become so brave.

Ogiame didn’t think it was Towu’s or Afghan’s business, and they declined his invitation. They live on his land and he wants them punished.

He wants to see them without water and his children serve in the festival. Yser asked him if he would allow his son to serve in the congregation because they refused his invitation.

The reason the Ilyars are brave is because A-Gump convinced them they had something to say. Overquin told them the Aryans would sit and watch them at the film festival. They know what we are doing to people who disobey orders.

Upon meeting some friends, Tsema returned dressed in Irish clothes. They fear A-Gump will be so close to her that when she realizes who she is, everyone will be in trouble.

Tsema told them that she told the prince to forget about her, but Jereoma reminded her that the royals shouldn’t sit and wait, and if they want something, just eat it.

Tsema said it wasn’t a piece of meat and it wasn’t the price the prince could just get from her. Jereoma kept talking, Tsema had forgotten who the royal family was, so his father didn’t trust him.

Tsema defeated Jereoma and said whatever he did. She has not forgotten her training. Ayonuwe had to go in the middle and they didn’t fight.

When this crazy consequence struck, Jereoma told him not to look for it. Kumene would be ashamed of her. Omasan is the only one on their side, they need time to move and everything will be fine.

When Agbeyegbe and Tsebi looked at him, Aghan was frustrated with his training. Tossan came to Agberg to ask what was wrong with his brother.

He told her it was the same question for a man who couldn’t get what she wanted, and that she should ask himself.

Tossan went to talk to his brother, he got what he wanted, he gave the antelope heart to Sefino, and vacation was tomorrow.

Forrest Gump told him that was the problem. Maybe you don’t want that, choose Tsefino tomorrow. Tossan reminded him that his mother wanted him, and that she always wanted him to marry Sefino.

Aghan reminded him that everyone said his mother was kind and caring. If she doesn’t want to do this, will they be treated like slaves?

Tossan told his brother that he was not a slave, and when Tsefino spoke to Aghan, he was the king. Tossan forgave himself so they could talk.

Tsefino told him to hold the gun correctly or he would be injured. Forrest asked if she wanted to be a warrior instead of a queen.

Sefino must have asked why she was there. If their mother didn’t vote for them, would she want them? Forrest Gump did not answer this question.

When A-Gump asked if he had found the girl he was desperately looking for, A-Gump decided to leave. It is a question of kingdom.

Abieyuwa chats with Misan in his hut. Misan is happy to use tomorrow’s vacation to express Afghanistan’s love for Tsefino.

Abieyuwa told him that he didn’t like Jahr. It was Roli’s wish and did not defend himself. He always did his best to please others.

Misan said it was Mofe’s wish, but that’s not Abieyuwa’s excuse. It’s Mofe’s death wish. Only Roli can explain it.

When they speak. Oyemiran and Omaghomi enter the house so that Omaghomi can encourage conversation between Misan and Idolor.

Omaghomi was not so grateful they did what they did because Ofotokun did what he did. Misan asked him what he meant, and Omaghomi responded enthusiastically. She came to the palace the same way other people came to the palace.

Towu’s Secret Warrior Team is no secret. He threatened some warriors to join his team of secret warriors, only to let those same warriors tell Itse that by the time he left he was forming a team of secret warriors.

When Misan came in and asked if she was with other women, Ofotokun wore her badge. Ofotokun reminded him who he was chatting with.

Misan received the news, so other women of the kingdom decorated his bed. He felt stupid, approached her, interceded with her and told her that he would protect her.

Ofotokun asked if he had any other wives before he married him. It gave him the protection he needed.

He took her hand and told her it was his. She and other women in this realm used him to do whatever he wanted with him.

When Ofotokun asked her when she last decorated her bed, Misan felt sad. Can the stuff between the legs be found elsewhere?

When Misan heard what Ofotokun had to say to him, Misan was sad, especially when she told him that Mofe wouldn’t.

Ofotokun decided not to let these women stop anymore, if she wanted him to stop, no other woman would decorate his bed.

Misan won’t go to bed with him right away, she wants to take care of him. Outokun reiterated his excuse. This time, Misan told the king that if he wanted to, he could sow seeds and do whatever he wanted.

Itse and his soldiers returned to the Ariel community and caused severe damage. They take the kids to the music festival. Taro Aso is said to have been handcuffed in the market to show them how to respect the king.

When Abugewa reached the gate, Uwa was walking through the palace. Idolor mentioned that she is expecting guests from Ejoji. Uva immediately pretended to be a guest and Abugewa led him into the room.

Arenyeke saw him in the palace and asked him to come, he shouldn’t be here.

Next on Riona: Omereyon asked the king about his loyalty, but he always questioned his loyalty.


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