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Download Amukun Latest Yoruba Movie 2021 Mp4

Download Amukun Latest Yoruba Movie 2021 Mp4 HD

A true life story of a village with an unrest from an evil spirit who has reduced the population of the villagers to just a few and kills anyone who tries to escape from the village without sparing their livestock too.

This same village has a mysterious child called Akintola with supernatural powers. The villagers are now relying on Akintola to save them from this calamity of a spirit.

Can Akintola’s mysterious power defeat that of an evil spirit?

Title: Akintola
Genre: Mystery, Drama, Thriller
Series: Yoruba Movies
Source: Yorubahood
Stars: Taofeeq Adewale, Fatai Oodua
Runtime: 61mins
Released Date: 2021

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