Rage Official Trailer Starring Matt Theo


Rage Official Trailer Starring Matt Theo
Photo Credits: Youtube.com

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Release Date: February 23, 2021

Director: John Balazs

Writer: Michael J. Kospiah

Cast: Matt Theo, Hayley Beveridge and Richard Norton

GENRE: Thriller


Rage is an American movie directed by John Balazs. The movie feature stars like Matt Theo, Hayley Beveridge and Richard Norton

After a rough home intrusion leaves easygoing spouse Noah in a state of insensibility and his better half Madeline (Hayley Beveridge) profoundly damaged, Noah stirs to discover that one of the assailants is as yet free as a bird. As Noah and the almost gloomy Madeline attempt to proceed onward with their lives, Madeline recognizes the assailant, opening up a contorted story of fierce vengeance where all isn’t as it appears. En route, a scarred and prepared Detective John Bennett battles his own internal evil spirits while attempting to address the wrongdoing.

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