Heavy Official Trailer Starring Sophie Turner


Heavy Official Trailer Starring Sophie Turner
Photo Credits: Youtube.com

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Release Date: February 9, 2021

Writer: Seth Miller

Cast: Sophie Turner and Daniel Zovatto

GENRE: Crime


Heavy is an upcoming romantic crime-thriller movie directed by Jouri Smit and it is based on a screenplay by Seth Miller titled Seven ‘Sev’ Max, a very good drug dealer living in New York City.

He has his game idealized: trust-store customers, model gatherings, and crazed drug energized capers. Be that as it may upset by his excruciating past and filled with indecencies, he continually attempts to discover comfort in all some unacceptable spots. Sev acknowledges past the point of no return that his key to genuine satisfaction has been directly before him this time; his similarly broken sweetheart and genuine romance Maddie.

Watch the trailer below;


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