Tell Me Your Secrets Drama Series Trailer


Tell Me Your Secrets Drama Series Trailer

Download Tell Me Your Secrets Drama Series Trailer, Tell Me Your Secrets Drama Series Trailer for free

Release Date: February 19, 2021

Director: John Polson

Writer: Harriet Warner

Cast: Enrique Murciano, Stella Baker, Elliot Fletcher, Xavier Samuel, Chiara Aurelia, Ashley Madekwe, and Bryant Tardy, Marque Richardso, Katherine Willis, Richard Thomas, Emryi Crutchfield, and Charles Esten

GENRE: Tv Series


Tell Me Your Secrets spin around a threesome of characters, each with a puzzling and upsetting past: Emma (Rabe) is a young lady who once investigated the eyes of a perilous executioner, John (Linklater) is a previous chronic hunter urgent to discover reclamation, and Mary (Brenneman) is a lamenting mother fixated on discovering her missing little girl. As every one of them is pushed to the edge, reality with regards to their pasts and intentions becomes ever murkier, obscuring the lines among casualty and culprit.

The official trailer was released on Amazon Prime Video


Watch the trailer below;


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