10 Best Brazilian Shows on Netflix (2021)


Watching Brazilian series on Netflix is a great way to practice listening and vocabulary skills and acquire cultural insights. Fortunately, Netflix is rapidly adding new binge-worthy original Brazilian shows.

Here are a few of the finest Brazilian TV shows on Netflix streaming in 2021

1. Girls from Ipanema (Portuguese: Coisa Mais Linda)

Cast:  Maria Casadevall, Pathy Dejesus, Mel Lisboa
First episode date: 22 March 2019
Genre Romance
Languages: Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese

SYNOPSIS: This Netflix Original series plays São Paulo in the late 1950s. Maria Luiza, the major character, is a conservative girl and utterly determined by two guys: her father, Ademar, along with her husband, Pedro.

However, her life takes a totally different twist when Pedro abandons her later travelling to Rio de Janeiro to start a restaurant.

Maria Luiza, naturally, follows her husband’s paths but ends up turning the restaurant into a nightclub.

In Rio de Janeiro, this young lady discovers a new world in the company of feminist and liberal girls to the sound of Bossa Nova, a typical Brazilian genre.

It’s a great series that reveals the national society in the late 1950s through Maria’s perspective. Do observe it in Portuguese with subtitles in your language so you may capture the real essence of this Brazilian hit collection.

2. Brotherhood (Portuguese: Irmandade)

Cast:  Naruna Costa, Danilo Grangheia, Hermila Guedes
First episode date: 25 October 2019
Genre  Crime, drama, thriller 
Languages: Portuguese

SYNOPSIS: Brotherhood is a superb Brazilian series that reveals the unsuccessful, corrupt police and prison systems.

The narrative plays around Cristina, an honest and dedicated lawyer who discovers her brother, who disappeared years ago, is, in reality, imprisoned to be the pioneer of a criminal group.

She is then forced by the authorities to function as an informant. But, as she infiltrates the gang, Cristina starts to question her values ​​about justice and law.


3.The Circle Brazil

Cast: JP Gadêlha, Gaybol, João Akel, Raphael Dumaresq,
First episode date: 11 March 2020
Genre Reality show
Languages: Portuguese


In this enjoyable reality contest, online players try their best to flirt, bond, and catfish their solution into a R$300,000 price.

The Circle is the Brazilian version of the American and UK shows with the Exact Same name.

Although this freshwater show is shot in the same apartment building in England as other editions, there are 9 initial contestants here, unlike the 8 from the US version.

If you do not understand this series, it has been compared to Big Brother and Catfish in its format.

But it also reminds me a bit of this Dark Mirror incident”Nosedive,” which gets the concept of ratings. (Nosedive is one of my favourite episodes, incidentally!)

Anyhow, The Circle Brazil gives The Circle that a South American glow up, which makes the show more interesting to see.


4. Sintonia (English: Tune)

Cast:  Christian Malheiros, Jottapê Carvalho, Bruna Mascarenhas
First episode date: 9 August 2019
Genre  Crime, Drama, Music 
Languages: Portuguese

SYNOPSIS: Sintonia brings the tales of Doni, Nando, and Rita. Young residents of the same favela in São Paulo, that are pursuing their dreams while trying to keep their friendship.

Growing up together throughout the streets of the community, they gradually discover the area of trafficking, faith, and music.

Sintonia does a pretty reasonable job of depicting how life in a Brazilian favela is. It’s interesting to observe the cultural, spiritual, and underworld all connected.



5. Samantha!

Cast:  Emanuelle Araújo, Douglas Silva, Cauã Gonçalves
First episode date: 6 July 2018
Genre  Comedy
Languages: Portuguese

SYNOPSIS: Samantha! Is a series about a former child star, who has lived her peak as a celebrity. Now, Samantha is a 40-year-old girl who tries desperately to come back to the spotlights with hilarious harebrained schemes.

She is married to a former soccer player, who’s just left jail after 10 years behind bars, but her husband’s liberty is far from the answer to her troubles.

This Netflix series is a brilliant, enjoyable, and flavorful journey to our affective memories since it brings a curious parallel of what it feels like to be famous in this decade.


6. Nobody’s Looking (Portuguese: Ninguém Tá Olhando)

Cast: Victor Lamoglia, Júlia Rabello, Kéfera Buchmann
First episode date: 22 November 2019
Genre Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Languages: Portuguese

SYNOPSIS: Uli is a guardian angel full of character who, unsatisfied with how arbitrary the orders he receives everyday are, decides to rebel against the system.

The series uses acid comedy to subvert pre-conceived thoughts and to question complicated concepts like the relativity of good and evil.

This Brazilian show is somewhat unique but witty and engaging with a fantastic idea.

7. The Chosen One (Portuguese: O Escolhido)

Cast:  Renan Tenca, Paloma Bernardi, Gutto Szuster
First episode date: 28 June 2019
Genre  Mystery, Thriller 
Languages: Portuguese

SYNOPSIS: The Chosen One is a fiction in which three young doctors are sent to an isolated village in the Pantanal. Their job is to vaccinate residents from a new mutation of this Zika virus.

On the other hand, the people refuse therapy, and the trio finds themselves trapped in a community guided by an enigmatic leader. This chief says he has the capacity to treat diseases without using any medications.

This show has a superb mixture of faith and science in an exceptional premise. It’s humour, thriller, and a few interesting and well-crafted photography too.



8. Lugar de Mulher (English: The Place of a Woman)

Cast:  Bruna Louise, Micheli Machado, Cintia Rosini
First episode date: 2019
Genre  Tv Series
Languages: Portuguese

SYNOPSIS: Lugar de Mulher is a stand-up comedy show in which four Brazilian comedians riff on lust, politics, faith, and motherhood.

The title of this show makes reference to some rather frustrating stereotype popular in some cultures, including Brazil; “the place of a girl (lugar de mulher) is in the kitchen”

Still, these four women set out to prove that the woman’s place is everywhere she wants to be.


9. Super Drags

Cast:  Willam Belli, Guilherme Briggs, Sérgio Cantú
First episode date: November 9, 2018
Genre Animation, comedy, fantasy
Languages: Portuguese

SYNOPSIS: Three gay co-workers lead dual lives as superhero drag queens, combating crime and other forces such as an evil queen and a singer.

This adult animation may seem absurd at first. Still, in fact, it points out numerous social problems using a lot of humor, easter eggs, and puns.

Little by little, it brings up some very nice criticisms about homophobia, mainstream press, as well as the aesthetic criteria of society. Since it has only five episodes, the show does not go deeper into these issues, but it already gets its message across.

Super Drags is quite funny and very tongue in cheek. It’s light-hearted and nothing too severe.

This freshwater series on Netflix also generates several links with different cartoons, such as The Powerpuff Girls, Power Ranges, and Sailor Moon, but in a cartoon for adults.


10. 3%

Cast:  Bianca Comparato, Vaneza Oliveira, Rodolfo Valente
First episode date: 25 November 2016
Genre Science Fiction, Thriller, Drama
Languages: Portuguese

SYNOPSIS: At a not-too-distant post-apocalyptic occasion, the Earth is a devastated place.

Back in Brazil, the Continent is a miserable, decadent place with scarce resources.

There, every taxpayer is given an opportunity to experience the Process at age 20.

The course of action is a rigorous selection of bodily, moral, and emotional evaluations that delivers the opportunity to ascend to the High Definition. In this area, everything is plentiful, food, chances, and relaxation





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